Dear all,
Re-purchase Opportunity:
Please note that the qualification criterion for repurchase income eligibility has been brought down from 400 PP to just 100 PP (up to July 2016 on a trial basis, will be reverted to 400 PP in case results not up to the desired levels).
Initial achievement levels for monthly team bonus have been re- designed to make it easier. (Please check the repurchase opportunity). Click here
Premium Franchisee Opportunity:
Premium Franchisee Opportunity has been added where you pay Rs. 11000/- & you get 16 telecom pin’s + 1 Re-Live pin + 1 ABC/ACP pin. You are eligible for 10 sets on telecom joining if you use the relive pin / ABC /ACP pin and upgrade then you are eligible for the 5 sets ceiling on Re-Live matching & 5 Sets ceiling on ABC/ACP matching.
Combo Franchisee:
You can up-grade to combo franchisee by paying Rs. 9000/- you are eligible for pin commission on Telecom, Re-live, ABC / ACP Pins apart from 10 set ceiling on all the three.
Referral commission on referring one combo Franchisee is Rs. 2250/- apart from 10% Royality on the triple binary team sales incentives.
1. For premium franchisee regular conditions for ceiling apply.
2. For combo franchisee you need to complete five sets each of (Telecom, Re-Live, ABC/ACP) within seven days of up-gradation.
3. All up-gradations to premium franchisees are done manually, please top up you’re my bank and send request to your respective cc team e-mail id.